Think More Clearly – Plan A, Plan B

Think More Clearly – Plan A, Plan B

If you think Google or another search engine can give you all the answers, think again. Useful as they are, they lack the human creativity that makes for innovation and development. Many people come to us each week and ask ‘Can you make me think more clearly?’ They realise that a checklist is a good way to stimulate thinking; it is no substitute for it. For example, if you had suggested a ‘strap-on helicopter’ twenty years ago people would have thought you mad. Actually you would have been clever, just a little ahead of your time.

To think clearly you need first to understand the purpose of what you want to think about. Set some simple targets and ask yourself questions about them. In the same way that asking questions of others engages them wonderfully, so asking questions of yourself engages your mind.

Most importantly ask what really matters in the subject you are considering. We waste a lot of time thinking about things that don’t matter much or don’t matter at all. If we get to the heart of the matter we will sort out opportunities and problems faster, more decisively and more convincingly. We can help you to do that.

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