TOP in the Boardroom

TOP in the Boardroom

As a business owner and leader, you make complex decisions and rely on your team or teams to provide advice and expertise. You probably belong to a professional network that can provide you with a second opinion.

Strategic thinking is often limited by structure. Organizations going through structural changes such as mergers, acquisitions, downsizing and recentralisation tend to focus on the structure before working on their strategy. Strategy is built on personal objectives of owners and employees and the future needs of the business. These objectives need clearly understanding before any strategy or structure is devised. We often see organisations trying to do this without outside help and failing because the vested interests, personalities and traditions muddy the water.

Terrific Mentors provides the essential Third Opinion Perspective (TOP), bringing to bear the right expertise without vested or pre-conceived interest and with a view from outside. TOP adds to the views of your team and inner circle by looking over the horizon and daring to confront the uncertainty of what might exist. Your team knows the trees; TOP sees the forest. That’s the difference.

Of the highest integrity, Terrific Mentors provides a TOP view that tactfully but resolutely gets to the heart of the issues while offering peripheral foresight. Business owners and leaders can build the right strategy to take advantage of new opportunities in funding, talent acquisition and management for future growth.

To prepare for the TOP facilitation session, Terrific Mentors first engages with you and a few of your inner circle through highly confidential one-on-one meetings or Skype discussions to get a better understanding of your organisation and the challenges both immediate and long-term. We analyse the documents you share with us and look at historical data for your organisation. Learnings from past experiences are valuable tools for strategic planning, provided they are interpreted correctly and we provide a new, fresh perspective on this.

Conducted by Terrific Mentors over two-day closed-door sessions at the executive or board level, the facilitation that Terrific Mentors provides has proved successful in all cases so far.

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