Ten Answers about Brexit

Ten Answers about Brexit

Will those living in Britain be wealthier for Brexit?

No, they will be poorer. Much poorer short-term, marginally poorer long-term.

Will Britain be safer from external threats for Brexit?

No, Britain cannot maintain the armed forces necessary to defend itself.

Will Britain be a more cohesive, less unbalanced society for Brexit?

No, it will become more divisive with ethnic hate getting worse.

Will Britain become a more civilised society for Brexit?

No, civilisation is cooperating with others on this overcrowded planet.

WIll Britain become less corrupt for Brexit?

No, shrinking societies usually become more, not less, corrupt.

Will Britons make greater progress, educationally, commercially, internationally for Brexit?

No, they will be little Englanders & Welsh. Irish will reunite Ireland. Scots will quit.

Will Britain become a more frequented holiday destination because of Brexit?

No, people will shun it more.

Will Britain retain its seat at the Security Council of the United Nations after Brexit?

I doubt it. Why should a small island with 65 million people have a seat at it at all?

Will Britain have a closer relationship with its neighbours after Brexit?

You must be joking.

WIll Britons be happier for Brexit?

Not a cat’s chance in hell.

Except, of course, for those fed up to the teeth with the endless to-in and fro-ing about it.

But they aren’t thinking of the consequences.

Are you?

If you are, put Ken Clark in to run a Caretaker Government and sort things out.

He couldn’t do worse than the present lot(s). Personally, I think he’d do a lot better.