A Thank You, an Apology and a Promise

A Thank You, an Apology and a Promise

To all those who have written to me and continue to write to me about the Daily Paradox a very big THANK YOU. Your encouragement, your stimulus when you don’t agree and even when you do, your thoughtfulness and your effort to take the trouble to write are all part of what make my day, my week and my life. Thank you so much for your interest.

I try to answer everyone – even if with only an exclamation mark – but I fall short of this aim. For those of you who have not had a reply I beg forgiveness. We are extremely busy with clients and you will understand that their needs come first. Your contribution is still vital even when not acknowledged. Thank you for your indulgence.

Tomorrow is St Valentine’s Day, the day on which we remember romance as a constant part of the menu of love. Love’s menu has lengthened in the last fifty years. Our ability and willingness to talk about it broadly hasn’t, certainly in Asia. Tomorrow I will try to banish this shibboleth by writing an article entitled “Talk about sex”.

My advertising years taught me that three words were guaranteed to get attention. They were “new”, “free” and “sex”. I can’t promise new, free sex on Valentine’s Day.

I do promise a challenge to our handling of the subject.