The Bell of Success

The Bell of Success

The Bell of Success isn’t Big Ben shattering people’s peace for a deft political move. It isn’t a giant cup brimming over with champagne after a well-earned tournament. It isn’t an array of cloth and caps to herald a new Newton or a chiming Chain; nor a proclamation that you are made Chief. The bell of success is a little tinkle in your head telling you a simple message: You did well.

It is the better for being modest, for success demands modesty. It is congratulatory because it rings out, but ever so gently. It makes a glow inside you warm the cockles of your heart while at the same time reminding you that pride can come before a fall. The bell of success is bridal and lighthouse at the same time. The clever recognise luck and attribute some of their success to that. The wise reflect on probability and the chances of success repeated.

For all its caution, the bell of success is well deserved and allows for celebration and joy. Nothing should stand in the way of the pleasure of achievement after the exertions of toil. Praise for those who aim high and reach for the stars. They risked failure, a big price to pay for ambition. They might have lost their way if their path had been unwittingly diverted to less successful destinations. They deserve honour. They move to the role of Person of Wisdom through their own effort.

How to repay this achievement? I have seen it done in many ways. Perhaps the most touching is to see an actor star move unobtrusively out of the limelight to allow a rising star to face the glare of spotlight and hear the roar of applause. We have such a person in Singapore in Ivan Heng and his Wild Rice achievements. A model of success repaid many times. I have seen it as a quiet deference to those who need encouragement more urgently. A Singapore model for this is Lim Siong Guan with his Honour platform. I have seen it in incredible dedication to another’s success. Our own Terrific Mentors model this form of payback. I have seen it in the forgiveness of the seriously wronged who reopen communications, something too private to name individuals.

Only their God knows their success.

Everyone can expect a bell of success a few times in their lives. It is a ring of truth only the object of its call can fully appreciate. Others may join in, may even be crucial to the reason for the clarion. But the bell is for the achievers. Why do I write this just now? We have been honoured to be associated with several bell-ringings recently. The bells were sounded for the people who made the effort and won the prizes.

We were privileged to be the bell-ringers.

It is more than enough for us.