The embarrassing leader

The embarrassing leader

The embarrassing leader

My heart warmed to a Daily Paradox reader who wrote about D Trump “I find him so embarrassing as a person, let alone as a leader”. Yay, oh Yay to that. It says it all so much better than ‘dangerous’, ‘obnoxious’, ‘inconsistent’, ‘unacceptable’. Embarrassing is what you are when someone does something society simply doesn’t accept. It applies to the American President with a vengeance. But wait, is it embarrassing the Americans?

Some, for sure. I can’t speak for all my American cousins but I guess that, to a person, they are embarrassed by their President. A whole lot of Republicans aren’t, though. At least, if they are they hide it well behind their cloak of loyalty. Should they do that? Is loyalty to a Political Party a reason for dishonesty? The argument ‘easier to put it right from inside than from outside’ is the excuse lots of people use for supporting the untenable.

The whole soap opera would be laughable if it were not for the daunting task of bringing the world to its senses over technology. Imagine if, even as little as a year ago, we had given a passing thought to the possibility of the US Navy’s navigational system being hacked, or to the concept of a space-based secure internet. Conceive of ordinary cars becoming the terrorist weapons of choice. Grasp the idea that the developers of Artificial Intelligence are already begging that it be made illegal in weapons of war. Think North Korea.

It is as though the White House brain had been hacked, as though alien gremlins were already perverting the course of human development. Even as though the Benevolent had suddenly become Malevolent. The words ‘kill or be killed’ are very close to the surface now. So mentally taxing is the problem that many have opted out. They are often the decent ones. That is bad news. Our future is not in the hands of other people. It is in our hands.

I commend to you that you might want to make a daily statement, in writing, to someone of influence preferably in the United States to the effect that we want Trump removed, faster than impeachment, sooner than Armageddon. Every single person who is embarrassed by D Trump has a duty to say so, loudly, clearly and persistently.

Can you do that? Every Twitter counts.

Give him back his wig and let him have a TV show called “You’re fired”. Provide a mirror. He will have a sizeable audience.

And we may start working towards a sustainable society.