The heart of the matter

The heart of the matter

Give Thanks for all the people who have produced webinars through this pandemic. They have beavered away to keep us acquiring knowledge, to keep us amused and above all to keep us alert. If you have taken advantage of some of their work you will know how valuable it is by keeping us thinking and engaged with life when some have found it hard to keep up and risk going under. “What’s the point?” I heard someone ask. ‘The point is survival in a turbulent world, my friend.’

Dealing with the multitude of issues we all now have thanks to digitisation, control and compliance, it is more important than ever to learn the skill of getting to the heart of the matter. It is more difficult than you may suppose because it involves linking unlikely things together and that requires imagination, creativity and boldness. The holiday is an ideal time to reflect on this and see if what we may have to tackle in the coming year will reveal the answers to five questions.

Q. “What will I do in 2021 to make me better informed and better behaved?”

Q. “Am I in charge of what is likely to happen next year or is it in charge of me?”

Q. “Do I know what my life purpose is? If not, isn’t it about time I did?”

Q. “Do I plot my own course or is it done for me? If ‘done for me’ does it work?”

Q. “Have I yet discovered the secret of how to be happy or am I merely content?”

We ask these questions because they deal with the heart of the matter.

But Christmas / the Holiday is a time to Rejoice.

The Terrific Mentors International Team – Deepa Shahi, ChengBee Lim, Zoey Lim, Chan Yiu Lin, Ian Hong, Kar Yong Ang and John & Eliza, and all our Terrific & Honorary Mentors – send

Best Wishes and All Blessings for a Happy Christmas and a Terrific 2021

And a kind thought for all our friends and neighbours of every species