The Lights of Deepavali

The Lights of Deepavali

for 24th October 2022

If there is one thing the world needs more than anything else right now it is a Row of Lights. Lights that shine brightly, lights that illuminate the beauty of humanity, lights that show the way in an otherwise somewhat gloomy and disrupted world. The pathway along which we shuffle in our journey has become rough; our feet are weary, scratched by the uneven surface. Many good people are trying to lead the way; rather a lot of not so good people are spinning a throw for their own benefit at the cost of someone else’s.

We do not get to hold a light for others by being special. We do it by being humble and true. The light we can hold is just an ordinary light, our strength to hold it, no greater than our neighbour’s. But there is a wondrous ingredient in it – wondrous but invisible. It is our intention to care. We cannot see that, it is not illuminated, it makes no cheery sounds. Visibility, bright lights and sounds are important but they are not the stuff of the light we carry. Ours is a light of confidence.

May all who carry this special light themselves receive the blessing it offers for their families and friends. May all who receive this light’s blessing share it with those who cannot see it.

May you and yours have a Very Joyful Deepavali for the happiness it shares.

From all of us at Terrific Mentors International – Bob, Renyung, Chi Chiu, Deepa, Mike, Cheng Bee, Ian, Zoey, Eddie, Sandy, Hugh, Denise, Yiu Lin, Liz, Ivan, Francesca, Eliza, John.

With love.

23 October 2022