The new human species 2

The new human species 2

US$100,000 to specify the next human species

We have had a very good response to the US$100,000 prize offer in Daily Paradox of 17Aug18 for the best Specifications for the Next Human Species. We have two contributors to the cash prize – Terrific Mentors International confirmed, another individual also confirmed. A third contributor is at the ‘very likely’ stage. If they come in we will already have US$60,000. We need another two each contributing US$20,000. I am sure we shall get them.

Several people have asked why we are embarking on this visionary project. There are two reasons. The obvious one is that techies are already designing the species, piecemeal, by default and with virtually no reference to what the end purpose should be. Clever technology is welcome but it should never completely dictate the outcome of serious issues. And what the next human species will be is a pretty serious issue. Unless technology is used for a predefined purpose it will potentially create a monster devoid of the characteristics that make humans so fascinating. A combination of robot and chess-playing artificial intelligence without human standards and sensitivities is a frightening prospect.

The second reason for wanting to do this is that large parts of the human race seem to have drifted from the moderate, trustworthy. cooperative people that make a successful and sustainable community. Sure, we want progress but we want our inherent sensibilities to enjoy life too. ‘Happy’ is what people often say they want. Very few know how to achieve it. Wise people know that possessions and wealth beyond a certain point do not create happiness. Joy is given, not bought.

As a species we have had some 350,000 years to develop, possibly longer. Along the way we became exceptionally sentient. The new species will be far more mechanical, and therefore replaceable, than we are. This will enable immortality in a relatively short time, probably 50 to 100 years. What is immortal will not be the bodies and brains we now have since they will age and die. The new us will be mechanical versions of us now with computer-based AI minds. In other words, programmed. And that is what we want to get people thinking about now while they still can.

The brief for contestants will, of course, be worked out with those contributing to the prize money. To give you an outline now will not jeopardise other contributors’ views. Clearly the submissions will not be intricate technical drawings since such specification is not yet possible. They will be a description of what the new human specie will be able to accomplish that makes its life, probably an immortal one, happy. They will take into account the changing climate, the importance of longer-term thinking, the value and use of time, the concept of ‘leisure-work’. They will be imaginative and mind-stretching but also comprehensible to our present thinking and way of life.

For all that humans have fallen short of some imagined ideal, our species has achieved an amazing amount in its – by earth standards – relatively short history. It is a presupposition that a new species could accomplish much more. How and why is the purpose of the offer of the prize for the most adventurous and coherent specification of the New Human Species.

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A rare opportunity to make a fantastic contribution to humankind.