The Queen Dies

The Queen Dies

Everyone who lived through the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and who had any connection with her at any level will be very sad at her death at 96. Her father, King George VI, and her mother, who lived to an energetic 102, set her standards she fully lived up to. The social and technological changes in her time were greater than in any previous monarch’s reign.

I met her three times to talk to and I always enjoyed her forthright and amused approach to a job that must be one of the most difficult, for all its apparent glamour. She never lost the twinkle in her eye. But most of all she never lost her sense of purpose. Duty is a word we don’t hear so often these days. It may be worth pondering how the Queen rode through some rough storms by sticking to what she had been taught was her calling in life.

We will never forget her.
May she rest in peace and may King Charles III continue the strength and courage of her life.

From all of us at Terrific Mentors International.

09 September 2022