The stature of Christmas

The stature of Christmas

The themes of the last year for our clients and mentors have been the same as those for everyone else – where is all this terrorism leading us? When shall we see financial stability and a return to prudent financial behaviour being suitably rewarded? What are the implications of the recent climate agreement in Paris – will our weather become more clement? How will developments in health care and robotics affect longevity and jobs?

What of the themes clients have produced about themselves? What are their learning needs, their anxieties? Are they equipped for 2016’s pace of change? Will their luck improve?

Purpose remains the dominant theme of people we see, whatever the reason they come to us. The old religious-based purpose of eternity has either largely disappeared or become secondary to the purpose of life. If the world is to become usefully unselfish that is as it should be. If only more people realised the peace that comes with purpose for life!

When you board a train or plane you settle into your seat with a sense of purpose – you know where you are going, at least for the immediate future. You have a defined and clear destination. That is why this is a moment to relax. Not for nothing that those on mystery cruises to unknown destinations spend their time gambling and drinking. They don’t know where they are going.

When you find or create a purpose in life you relax, even if you don’t achieve it. It is a paradox that knowing where you are going is more important than getting there.

From our own experience I rate stature as the second theme of the year. The old controls of position, title, wealth, brains, even age, still have clout but not nearly as much as they did. Each individual, each organisation, each family has to build his, her or its own stature. It is not some phony public relations gimmick although relations with others are at the heart of it. It is what is in the heart and what others experience of that through actions.

Interesting that even as faith in Christmas declines the stature of Christmas remains powerful. Perhaps it even grows as people realise they must show what they mean when they say money isn’t everything. Perhaps the call of the next generation and the cry of the deprived and suffering finds its way to the surface even as we say we are powerless to help.

Christmas is not a time for sentimentality, it is a time for robustness of purpose and confidence of stature. If they could come from a stable in Bethlehem they can come from many other places too.

May your purpose and stature support you through a Happy Christmas and give you all you need to drive, enjoy and fulfil 2016.

The thoughts of all of us in Terrific Mentors International are with you – as always.

Short break. We’ll be back in 2016!