To mount the Summit

To mount the Summit

‘Maldives to work towards full nuclear armament.
Meeting with US President anticipated momentarily.’

I hasten to assure to you that this is Fake News, at least as far as I know and as at time of writing. It is clear, however, that the President has issued an open invitation to any who want a weekend in Singapore (highly recommended) in his company (less enthusiastically endorsed) discussing denuclearisation and an end to war games. Obviously, these last do not have to have started or even be in prospect. To end before beginning will surely be a Nobel Prize-winning achievement.

Summits have become commonplace. The EU has them frequently and Mrs May is getting into the swing of ‘A Summit a Week keeps the underlings meek’. There can be few more tempting political events than a jolly good Summit held somewhere agreeable where the food is good and the wine drinkable. Apparently the N Korean boss was all for a follow-up Summit with President Xi but the Chinese Ruler was wary of things appearing to be rather too much under his control.

And so the plane flew on to Pyongyang. Where it will fly next is anybody’s guess. That it will fly is certain. N Korea is now part of the acceptable denuclearisation world and Kim will be feted as the new kid on the block. A case of quick change from one block to another, I call it. He will be a useful surrogate for China. When things go well, they can appear and take a bow; when badly, they can divert the plane again. Russia tried the same game with Finland back in the 1930s, I believe.

If diplomacy is to become a series of Summits then Singapore is obviously the place to hold them. Close to the Equator, Smart City, dramatic development over the last fifty years, law and order second to none. Moreover, Singapore is quick to adapt itself to new opportunities. Here’s one we didn’t expect. Not only can we run up a good Summit, we can also offer mediation of a quality it is impossible to find elsewhere. With sensible Facilitators on hand for every Disagreement Resolution we will equip ourselves to fill a new world role of immense and valuable importance.

To be honest, Singapore is already equipped for such a duty. Conflict Resolution has been only one of many resources designed to make a better world. With nearly thirty years experience Terrific Mentors International is rightly poised to take on the job of calming ruffled waters and soothing stormy feathers. Modesty would normally prevent me from mentioning this, of course, but the Rush to Summit means there is not a moment to be lost in establishing the New Summit Centre.

I expect Mr Kim will be Honorary President of Summits any moment now.

He certainly deserves it.