Tomorrow’s nightmare?

Tomorrow’s nightmare?

Future Apocalypse

When President Trump pays his first visit to Europe after the narrow Brexit vote that took Britain out of the EU what does he expect to achieve?

His declared intention is to emphasise that the United States views, manifest in their putting him in the White House, endorsed the sovereignty of all nations and the belief that capitalism in its present form was the best method of creating prosperity and wealth. His story of “trickle-down prosperity”, derided by many left-wing politicians, appears to have been endorsed by the very people those left-wingers claim to represent. His strategy is summed up by a reported – but unsubstantiated – Trump observation that “if you need more of it, we’ll print it”.

President Trump’s decision not to visit London on his tour is seen as a snub to the many UK Members of Parliament who tabled a motion in the House of Commons to ban him from entering the country – notwithstanding that the resolution was quickly and overwhelmingly defeated. A rumoured offer of overnight accommodation at Buckingham Palace was quickly denied – by the Palace Secretariat.

The President’s decision to ‘re-examine the US relationship with NATO’ has been greeted with dismay by serving Officers throughout Western military establishments. The quick response of the Russian and Chinese Presidents in holding a joint meeting in the Spratley Islands bodes ill for East-West relations according to diplomatic observers.

An unintended consequence of the Trump victory has been the surge in migrant numbers aiming to reach the United States before the borders are effectively sealed. Large numbers of aspiring migrants both from Mexico and Europe have been observed. The first steps to building the Mexican Wall have begun and there have been reports of several casualties among the workers assigned to the construction site due to protesting would-be migrants.

President Trump’s apparent call for universal taxation administered and monitored by the United Nations was later denied. A corrected statement, that Americans earning less than US$100,000 a year would bear the brunt of the significant new taxes to be imposed, was greeted by the rich as a thoughtful and sensible way forward.

An appeal to all Americans to pull together to make the United States great again has led to increasing demand for sports coaches and better equipped gymnasiums. This is seen as a major step towards implementing the Trump Healthcare policy ‘Sweat it Better’.

North Korea is reported to have made an official complaint – so far unconfirmed – to the United Nations that it is being ignored. It is reported to have vowed to fire many more missiles into the sea when its navigational tools can be re-calibrated to identify water. Fishermen have warned of impending pollution damage to the fish stocks.

And the latest Wall Street rumour that Goldman Sachs is about to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection is thought to be a hoax.

Relax. It won’t happen.

Or will it?