We do

We do

‘We do’

Everyone loves a wedding and Royal Weddings somehow have the thickest icing on the cake. How fortunate we are to have a complete serial story without actors, with impeccable continuity and with all the ingredients of real life. And some delicious icing on the top. Who could ask for more? Of course, all weddings are royal in a sense. They are the times when bride and groom are Queen and King for a day and they give us permission to enjoy ourselves. Perhaps even to think a little.

The Prince and soon-to-be Princess have won the hearts of many, both having, in their own ways, a touch of his mother. Their decision to invite ‘ordinary people’ to their wedding rather than the glitteratti is a masterstroke. As a way of strengthening the Royal Family Opera I can think of none better than making everyone a member of the cast. Straight out of Shakespeare, isn’t it? “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players…” At last to make it so.

A wedding is also a private affair. Two people plight their troth for a lifelong relationship with all the joy and pain that implies. Each says “I do” when asked the critical question. But here’s a thought for 2018. The wedding vows are now, for many people, vows between the couple rather than vows to God about their future. They may, of course, include vows to the Almighty, that is a choice each couple must make. But whatever their beliefs, each of them is certainly making her or his vow to the other person. They may make the vow individually but they carry it out jointly.

The vows used to be different for the woman from the man. Today they are, hopefully, the same. So perhaps it is time to amend the process and have the question asked of them jointly. “Do you take each other?” It’s not a major change, more symbolic than real. But it would be enchanting to hear a couple respond together “We do”. It won’t happen this time but it might in future, perhaps.

Whichever way they say it I am sure it will be a sparkling moment in their lives. And I am sure we all wish them long life and happiness in the exciting world in which they live and every opportunity to make other people’s lives more fun and happily fulfilling.

They will make their vows and as they pronounce them we can join in. Do we wish them well?

We do.