When Russia invaded Ukraine

When Russia invaded Ukraine

Zoey Lim 

Terrific Mentors International

24 February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine,

Poland, Romania and Slovakia opened their doors to Ukrainian women and children.

America, the European Union and the United Kingdom hit Russia with sanctions.

Russian citizens walked the streets in demonstration.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, voices of dedication rang,

“I am an adult woman, I am healthy and it’s my responsibility.”

“I am going to donate some blood, that’s the least I can do,”

“I’m no longer a musician. I’m a soldier now.”

When Russia invaded Ukraine,

Villagers set up checkpoints and built fortifications out of sandbags, tires and trees.

Construction workers built spiked barriers as road obstacles, carpenters carved spears.

Seamstresses made bullet proof vests, bartenders made molotov cocktails.

When Russia invaded Ukraine,

Teachers educated children at an underground station.

Neighbours distributed food and water to the weak.

Actors packed medical supplies for the military.

When Russia invaded Ukraine,

Nestlé suspended all capital investment in Russia. 

Disney provided urgent aid and other humanitarian assistance to refugees.

General Electric provided medical equipment and supported power services.

When Russia invaded Ukraine,

Tom travelled to the ground and gave live coverage on the war.

Mary supported Ukrainians by booking an AirBnb stay.

Harry taught his children about the cost of freedom.

15 April 2022, fifty days since Russia invaded Ukraine,

Have we thought about what is at stake?

Have we felt the loss of so many people?

Have we played our part – since Russia invaded Ukraine?

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