Look to the Far West and, on the shores of Britain, you will see a wreck. Look again, for there are actually three, probably more. The three wrecks clearly visible are Brexit, the British Government and the Conservative Party. The first may be a passing phase but it is the issue of the moment. It is a statement of isolation as clear as any Trump has made about the United States. Indeed, Brexit was, rather unconvincingly, nodded through on the premise Make Britain Great Again. There are other wrecks visible or envisaged. A fairly united Europe, NATO, water supply to name a few.

Governments have been destroyed before and no doubt they will be in the future. The ebb and flow of democracy depends on it. But please choose your moment to self-destruct, politicians. The middle of a massive shift in world power with several madmen in charge of some of the biggest economies is hardly the best time to choose. A technological revolution that may spell the end of the human species is not terrifically auspicious either. A time of seemingly disastrous climate change wouldn’t be my first choice for such disruption anyway. Put the three together and you have to wonder why we are not all pulling in the same direction and to the same purpose – survival.

As for the Conservative Party, you may think it is not worth a thought. But what are we – you and I – trying to do from morning to night every day? We are trying to Conserve the habitat, the standards, the rule of law, the future for those who follow. A political party less likely than the present Conservative Party to succeed in such a conservation effort would be difficult to find. To coin a phrase “A small wreck for man but a giant sinking for mankind”.

Large swathes of London were knocked down during WWII. Resilient and hard-working citizens put the city together again. It was done with help from the United States. It was done because the voters had a purpose, to restore sanity where madness had prevailed. It was done by cooperation, by a determination to conserve what had been built over so many years. It was done by people. There were leaders, too. Men and women of vision and character. People who cared.

How shall the disasters be salvaged? What shall be the way out of the Machiavellian Maze that is WRECKS-IT?

We must acknowledge the next generation’s purpose. It is to design Humankind 2. Democracy by itself will not achieve this. Nor will six overly-powerful businesses running a modern version of George Orwell’s 1984. We must put in place people who will lead the adventure. Notice I say ‘people’ not ‘processes’. The thinking needed to create will stretch even the greatest human brains. They will have to combine vision, creativity, personal standards and persuasiveness of a very high order. Most, but not all, democracies have produced increasingly unsuitable politicians. Now we need to seek out models of society that can lead us towards a genuinely better species.

To bring it back to Britain. Prime Minister May must explain the world changes that have taken place since the Brexit vote. She must say that she is now in favour of Britain remaining in Europe. She must add that after a short period of explanation of the reasons for recommending the change she will give the House of Commons a free vote on the subject and that it will bind the country.

If she does this Britain will remain in the European Union. The first bricks of rebuilding the shattered wreck will be in place. The world will respond to a plea for cooperation.

And Brexit will be consigned to the dustbin of history.

And not before time.